We would be happy to support you in your day to day business. We are an experienced partner at your side, particularly in the field of roadshows. Over the years we, together with our chauffeurs, have perfected getting you to your tightly scheduled appointments reliably and on time. Send us the schedule for your roadshow and we will prepare the plan for the journey for you. Our own chauffeurs know exactly what is needed to get you through the city jungle to a particular location on time. You can relax and rely on us and use your time during the journey in one of our limousines to make some important phone calls or to prepare for your next appointment.

Our well-groomed, stylish chauffeurs in suits and matching ties will emphasis your professional appearance to your business partners. Our vehicles, such as the S Class, E Class and V Class, will also make a serious and professional impression.

Your roadshow, which is normally under extreme time pressure, will be carried out reliably, on schedule and accurately. So you will be able to concentrate on the important things – your appointments.

Make use of our offer and contact us by email or telephone to discuss the details.
  • Our chauffeur will be at the agreed location punctually with your individual pick-up sign when your guests arrive
  • Name and mobile number of the chauffeur directly on booking
  • Invoice within 48 hours
  • Permanent contact for your roadshow (available 24 hours)
  • 24/7 office hotline for emergencies

The following products are available for roadshows: