Legal principles and general conditions

German Limousines

If you want to book a limousine and chauffeur service or if you already book it regularly please note:

  1. Every limousine service must have a license as defined by § 49 PBefG (German Passenger Transport Act). Only then can you be sure of adequate insurance cover.
  2. Every chauffeur must hold a passenger transportation license which guarantees his driving competence. It also certifies that the driver had passed the necessary health check.
  3. Vehicles used for limousine and chauffeur services should not have been in operation for more than 150,000 km and should not be older than three years so as to reduce to the minimum the possibility of breakdowns. It also can be expected that the vehicles meet all up to date safety standards.
  4. Every limousine service should offer a large range of limousine categories. As a result you can be confident that a perfect limousine is available to suit your order.
  5. A provider should be able to offer services in more than one city or country. This makes your work easier. In this way you need a single partner for all your plans worldwide.
  6. A professional limousine service should be able to offer you also guides, hostesses and dispatchers.
  7. Last but not least, all chauffeurs should be multilingual and have excellent conduct. Every chauffeur is a driver, but not every driver can be a chauffeur!

We meet all these criteria.

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