Limousine Service Genoa

Genoa is the capital of the Liguria province. It is one of the most important departure points especially for tourists who want to cross the Mediterranean by cruise liners and ferries. Hence Genoa also must have a Limousine Service. The importance of the limousine service Genoa has grown over the years and has become a member of a German limousines network. Genoa can offer a lot to visitors. Alone the sight of the Mediterranean after crossing the Apennines when entering Genoa is worth a journey. Small orange trees decorating the streets of some districts, many houses are built with marble.

Signtseeing Genoa

In the port of Genoa alone there is so much to see one can spend a whole day walking around. We recommend discovering Genoa with one of our guides. Explore Genoa and the surroundings during a Sightseeing Tour. With a limousine service at your side you can be sure to have a great tour. In this way you’ll be able to visit all the sites you are interested in. With our guide and the limousine you’ll have the flexibility you need for an ideal individual sightseeing tour.

Airport Transfer Genoa

On your arrival in Genoa you’ll have the feeling you could fall straight into the sea. The airport runways are right next to the sea and that is a memorable impression for a tourist visiting Genoa. As soon as you have landed you’ll be on the safe, if you book one of our limousines to pick you up. If you have booked the Limousine Service Italy in Genoa at our service office you will be picked up by one of our chauffeurs with a name board at the exit where you get off the plane. In this way you waste no time for your meetings after arrival or you can immediately start with a sightseeing tour. We would be glad to welcome you on board of one of our limousines.